This page includes courses and other resources that I have found helpful.

Learning to program

Introduction to Programming Nanodegree

Learn Code the Hard Way

Artificial Intelligence

The FastAI philosophy of top down education has resulted in the field's best course and framework. Everyone will recommend this. It will make everything you build in deep learning work better.

Deep Learning Specialisation

If you find you do want a bottom up approach to teaching, Andrew Ng and the team at are there to help you. They teach in Tensorflow so if you want exposure to that ecosystem this is probably the place to go.

Full Stack Deep Learning

There are not enough courses about deployment and devops, especially in machine learning. But once you are armed with FastAI and have done your transfer learning, this may well become the main part of your job. This course is quite high level. Much of it is a survey of the field. But there is a lab if you want some hands on work.

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

Data Scientist Nanodegree

Deep Learning Nanodegree

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks with PyTorch

Udemy has become an amazing resource. Often I type in some particularly obscure sounding technology and get back a whole page of courses on the subject. They almost always have a sale on so you can pick them up for just a few quid. Mustafa Qamaruddin's course on GANs combines good videos, links to further reading, and clear implementaions.

Natural Language Processing

CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Going through courses like this is a good corrective to the Bryan Caplan argument that universities are primarily hedge funds and sports franchises propped up by the necessity of signalling one's diligence. At least some of those tuition pay for content like this. Useful if you want to learn NLP too.

Natural Language Processing Nanodegree

Web Development


Wes Bos

Wes is the best teacher of the "share my screen and you watch me code and then we write some code together and by the end you feel pretty comfortable with everything" school of instruction. I think frontend development is particularly well suited to this style because you get feedback on what your code is doing with each line you add. I took his react for Beginners course first, but that's a bit out of date now (no hooks etc) so I recommend his Beginner Javascript course to start.

CSS for Javascript Developers

Everything about this course is amazing. The content is great. The embedded text, videos and coding playground are all put together perfectly

Every Layout

This has been a really useful resource for CSS. Wes Bos also has a flexbox course which is free. One of the duo behind Every Layout has a new CSS course coming out soon which I will probably take.


These courses are amazing. A complete line by line guide to building APIs, connecting them to databases, dockerising the whole thing, and deploying to the cloud. You'll also pick up various tips about code formatting. Really good value for money.

Full Stack Web Developer

Udacity have a more hands off approach when it comes to their projects. I always hate this at the time, especially if I am required to use work with third party apis and documentation. However, you really do learn a lot in the process.


Genomic Data Science Specialization

Currently taking this course. Will report back in due course

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